Carmel Wood

Treatment Co-ordinator

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Hi, I’m Carmel, the Treatment Co-ordinator at Perfect Smile Clinic.

I’ve worked in dentistry for over 20 years and started off as a 19 year old trainee dental nurse at a practice in West Yorkshire where I started working with our principal dentist, Sanjay Gautam. I qualified in 2002 and did further courses after qualifying.  I then became a treatment co-ordinator and joined Perfect Smile Clinic when I moved over to York.

The role of treatment co-ordinator entails lots of different things, so each day is very different, which I really enjoy.  My main focus is the cosmetic treatments we offer, which include Invisalign, implants and other cosmetic treatments, so if you would like any cosmetic treatment or have any questions about any treatment option, you will probably see me to discuss these treatments.   I love that I still get to deal with patients and talk to them about their treatment they are having and reassuring them if they are nervous.

Working at Perfect Smile Clinic is brilliant! We have three practices; one in York, Oakwood and Horsforth, I am able to work at all three practices and meet a variety of different people which I enjoy.

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