'Smile Makeovers' by Dr Sanjay Gautam

Veneers replaced
You can see the veneer on the left of the middle is fractured. In order to get a natural result we had to replace both veneers with new porcelain veneers which were a more harmonious shape and colour.
Crown on implant in the gap
This gap was restored with an implant under the gum and you can see here the final crown which was placed on the implant.
Severe wear and new reorganised smile
This patient had severe wear over a long period of time. We provided restorations to restore the proportions and give a more youthful smile.
Smile makeover
The upper teeth here were decaying and the crowns were failing. The lower teeth were heavily stained. We achieved the results with some root fillings and a smile makeover with porcelain crowns. The lower teeth were cleaned by a gentle polishing procedure called an airflow.
Gap closure
This lady wished for the gap to be closed but did not want a brace or much drilling on the teeth. We achieved closure of the gap with composite bonding in 1 appointment.
Smile make over veneers/bridge
This patient wanted a brighter whiter smile with teeth more in line. We achieved this with porcelain restorations.