Our dental hygienist works closely with our dentists, playing a key role in your dental health care. Achieving and maintaining healthy gums and teeth are the hygienist’s main focus.

Most patients require their teeth to be professionally cleaned, twice a year; however, some may need less frequent visits whilst some may need more frequent visits. This will depend on levels of initial disease and response to treatment. Scaling and polishing teeth will remove any build up of tarter. Deep cleaning involves cleaning the root surface beneath the gums preventing decay and controlling gum disease.

Bleeding gums can be the result of ineffective brushing. The hygienist will show you how to brush your teeth and how to clean in between teeth thus, maintaining healthy gums and freshness of breath.

Diet plays a key role in preventative home care and sugar intake will be discussed together with a look at the frequency of eating habits. Advice will be given to ensure that you can practice effective plaque control. An airflow is available within the practice, that allows the teeth to be gently ‘sand-blasted’. It gets to areas where other instruments cannot reach.