Invisalign Results

This pt was concerned with the alignment of upper and lower teeth. He is in his early twenties and wished for straighter teeth in both upper and lower arches. This case took 17 weeks and in addition to nice alignment, straightening teeth allows teeth to be cleaned much more easily. Note how pink and healthy looking the gums are following treatment. We did some whitening and to enhance the final shape of one tooth we carried out composite bonding.
The patient was not happy with the way the two front upper teeth were inclined inwards and the teeth at the side were inclined outwards. This gave a slight shadow on them making them appear to be a different colour. Following Invisalign treatment and whitening, the smile is transformed, the teeth are in harmony and even in colour.
The lower teeth were the main concern here although upper teeth did show some crowding. Following planning, Invisalign treatment was carried out to align the teeth. We needed some additional aligners in this case to achieve the desired result (at no extra cost).
The front teeth were not in line and this gave the appearance from the front that some teeth were longer. You may also notice that the canine teeth are sticking out because they are rotated. 14 weeks of Invisalign treatment and whitening were carried out to achieve alignment and a great smile.
You can see from the before picture that the upper teeth are not in line. The middle teeth actually overlap each other and if left this would progressively worsen. Invisalign treatment took 12 weeks.
The crowding in this image shows some teeth are forward and some further back. This case highlights that Invisalign is a great way way to achieve aligned teeth without the need for veneers.
The lower teeth can see some crowding as we get older. It is a common area you see crooked teeth. This alignment with Invisalign made these in line again and wearing retainers as instructed will maintain their position.
Make smiling for a photo from one side only a thing of the past. Invisalign treatment was used to align the teeth, align the gums and also make the top of the teeth in line.
This patient was concerned with the gaps between the teeth. The Invisalign treatment took 11 weeks. Invisalign can treat spacing as well as crowding.

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