At Perfect Smile Clinic, we believe in preventative dentistry. This includes dietery advice, use of high fluoride tooth paste, in-surgery fluoride varnish applications and fissure sealants. We treat all aspects of general dentistry to the highest standards.Regular dental examinations can enable us to ensure that oral health is maintained and problem areas are discovered early on so that minimal intervention is required. Following examination, our hygienist will bring back that polished sparkle to your smile.

Toothache can be the result of infection in the tooth nerve. This can be removed in the procedure known as Root Canal Treatment, which enables the tooth to be saved following removal of the tooth nerve and infection. Further routine dental treatments include extractions, if a tooth cannot be saved or due to patient request. Tooth coloured fillings can be placed where there is decay, to help restore teeth to normal functionality and appearance.

Various types of filling material can be used including, amalgam (silver), composite and porcelain (white). Patients requiring urgent care are given priority and we endeavour to see them within 24 hours.